Hackney warehouse

The Hackney warehouse transformation project is a remarkable undertaking set in the vibrant heart of Hackney.


Square feet




Project length


The Brief

This 4,700sqft once-derelict warehouse has been reinvented into a modern, luxurious residence. The vision was to breathe new life into this formerly abandoned space, creating a home that epitomises the trendy and artistic spirit of its surroundings.


Our Solution

Our lead designer was inspired by the East London's industrial heritage and current trendy vibe. Enhancing and highlighting the architectural elements preserves the building's industrial charm while infusing modern luxury, transforming the space from a derelict warehouse into a modern, light, spacious home.


The Outcome

Our designer highlighted the fusion of industrial elements, street art influences and vintage aesthetics, setting the stage for a unique and captivating design project. The agent had many viewings and it sold very quickly.